Have Your Own Private Party With Lesson(s) At Your Event

Have your own private dance party with a Salsa or Bachata or Merengue lesson or two. We will be happy to entertain you on all your special occasions with your family, friends, colleagues and more.

Once you’ve had your sumptuous gourmet breakfast, cocktail, lunch or dinner at your conference/event/banquet/private party/birthday party/wedding etc, what better way to get your colleagues, their family, friends, clients etc off their seating area or corner than a dance party with a Salsa or Bachata dance lesson to get the party going.

Then dance the night away to the best mix of Latin Music comprising of “Salsa”, “Bachata”, “Reggaetton”, “Merengue”, “Cha Cha”, “Kizomba”. “Zouk” and more!

You can choose to either have just the lesson(s) for your party or both lesson(s) and party with the DJ playing Latin music or any other music genre of your choice if not the latin genre.

Dancing is a great way to break the ice, release inhibitions enabling people to interact with each other and enjoy the evening. It’s very hard not to have fun when dancing.


We can teach you to dances such as Salsa, Bachata, Merengue & more to liven up your party till late . However, if you don’t see here what you would like to do, don’t worry, just let us know your thoughts. We can pretty much create any kind of dance class or workshop based on any dance form/style and not just those mentioned above! As well as the music genre you would want at your party.

We can be anywhere you want, so wherever you are, we can come to you.  The following are all ideal:

  • Hotel
  • Conference Centre
  • Community Hall
  • Marquees with hard flooring
  • Clubs and Bars

Note: Certain dance styles can be taught to participants on a thin carpeted floor if the dance floor isn’t large enough for everyone.

Please send us a reply at dance@dancewithstylehk.com and let us know.

1) Your time and dates preferences.

2). What all dance forms/styles you are interested in.

3). Number of people expected to join.

We will reply to you within 48 hours with all details including pricing.

We look to be part of your company/organisation’s entertainment initiative and provide you with the best entertainment option in a healthy and fun way!

Terms & Conditions

Each lesson is one hour long. But can be longer depending on client’s requirements.

To and fro taxi/ferry fare will be charged for the instructor to reach your selected venue to teach and back in addition to the event dance lesson(s) and/or party fee if the venue is not reachable from the nearest MTR.

Lessons are not transferable.

Lessons and party can be booked anytime from Mon-Sun depending on a time that suits both yourself and the instructor.

Full payment to be made at least 2 weeks before the event Via Bank Transfer/ATM Transfer to Hang Seng Bank Account Number: 346-389232-668. If making online bank transfer then please e-mail us for account name. If you are interested to pay via PayPal using your credit card then let us know and we will provide the email address through which you can make payment to us via PayPal or you can use the PayMe app at + 852 63896213 for payment.

Please send us the payment receipt for confirmation.

50% will be refunded in full if cancellation is 72hrs before the event dance lesson. There will be no refund there after.

If a dance studio needs to be booked by us for the lesson, then full payment for the dance studio rentals would be needed to be made couple of weeks before the commencement of the event dance lesson as dance studios are generally booked out and so advance booking of the studio would be required and so there will be no refunds at all of the studio rentals even if the event dance lessson is cancelled. The cost of the studio rental would be in addition to the fees for the event dance lessons.

About Dance With Style

Dance With Style is Hong Kong’s premier dance, events and entertainment portal. We excel in providing top quality Salsa and Bachata dance instruction to Adults Couples and Singles.  

We have expertise in offering corporate dance classes and social nights, dance based corporate team building initiative, personal/private dance classes, wedding dances, event production and more!

We bring you world class Latin/World music and dance parties, club nights and music and dance festivals for your listening, dancing and entertainment pleasure!

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