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Where to learn salsa in Hong Kong?

Written by Alan Chiu Tsang
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So if you didn’t know already, I spent nearly a year living in the beautiful city of Hong Kong. When I first arrived, I didn’t know anyone else who danced salsa and so I did what most people do to research anything: looked on the internet. Now, I don’t know what it’s like elsewhere, but I can safely vouch that all online resources for finding out what’s going on in both Hong Kong and London are often poorly updated and several years out of date. I have indeed turned up for nights that no longer existed, and hadn’t existed for a good two or three years (you can’t say I lack enthusiasm), or nights that have changed address without an update to the website. It’s so frustrating that salsa organizers seem to struggle on the technology front. It’s often the case that the most established nights are the ones that are next to impossible to chance upon via the internet and the *cough* less established nights that pop up all over cities are often heavily publicized and poorly attended. Of course, there are established ‘latin’ bars etc that you can find with a quick search on google, but if you want to find out where the hardcore salsa lovers are hitting the floor it’s more a case of being… ‘in the know’.

I realize it sounds a little exclusive… but I genuinely don’t think anyone is doing it on purpose… it just functions the way it is. Salsa dancers talk to each other. For my first month in Hong Kong, Rula Bula and Rude Bar both organized by Javed of Dance With Style, were the place that seemed to be the most promising and so that’s where I headed every Monday and Friday, and if they enjoyed a dance, a lead would ask “will you be at such and such next Thursday night?”… to which I replied… “no what’s that?”… only the place where the best dancers in town are hanging out! In conclusion, ask people you enjoy dancing with where they go to’s the best way.

HOWEVER, since I’ve been and done some of the hard work, I’ll make a little list here if any of you plan on hitting up Hong Kong for some salsa in the next few months. Let me warn you though, venues and hosts can change frequently, and new parties pop up in cities all the time, some more successfully than others. I hold no responsibility if you are reading this post in two years time and can’t find the party I mentioned! Also, these are the places that I went to dance On1/On2 ‘porto’ and NY style salsa in-line, Cuban style salsa and rueda de casino. If you are a Cali dancer there are some really great nights taking place across Hong Kong, but I won’t be mentioning them here.

Rula Bula (After Work Salsa Party) by DWS
8:00PM Every Monday
Free admission with free salsa lesson

Deja Vu (Latin Fiesta Salsa Party)
8:00 Every Thursday

Rude Bar (Salsa Dance Fever)
9:30PM Every Friday

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